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78% of our world is water! And we humans know more about the moon as we know about the sea.

Allready as a young boy I was fasczinated by the sea and the strories my Dad told me who is a Scuba Instructor himself. As a young boy of seven years I did my first dive ever and I loved it.

Since then I did around 1200 dives in nearly every ocean of the world, but especially in the last couple of years I see that this world is going to die if the people don’t change their behaviour.

With my Underwater Photography I want to bring the beauty of the oceans to the non-diving people to show them how beautiful this world is as well as it is important to protect it! El Ninjo, Shark Finning, Whale Hunting … these things are just the beginning … and at some point we will have to realize that these problems will affect each an one of us!

On this Websites u can see my work of underwater images as well as what diving trips & projects I am involved.

Please remember that all images are copyrighted and all rights worldwide are reserved to Patrick Neumann. If u are interested in an High definition quality digital image for magazines or a Print, please use the contact formular to get in touch with me.

Happy & Safe diving
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